About Me

An 18-year-old student studying Mathematics & Philosophy at Oxford. People’s first impressions range from “that sounds quite interesting” to “those are my two least favourite subjects”. My course choice reveals that I think, a lot, as I suspect you will be able to tell from the blog posts.

There remains a lot unsaid by just my course choice. In terms of opinions, I’m an agnostic and even a Lib Dem (such people exist). I try, to be sceptical about what I think, but with limited success. My perfect life would be one living modestly, free from the insecurity inherent to humanity, aspiring to make people become as good as they can, and should, be.

I want to change the world. Here’s the blog of how I get on from one post to another, with my thoughts, happenings, successes and failures. And whatever else happens along my meaningless existence.

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